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Assignor: Strong Arm Technologies, Inc.
Assignee:  SAT (ABC), LLC, a Delaware limited liability company
Assignment Date: February 13, 2023

The Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware Case:  

Please note that Strong Arm Technologies, Inc., as Assignor made a general assignment for the benefit of creditors (ABC) to SAT (ABC), LLC (“Assignee”), a special purpose entity organized in Delaware to liquidate the assets of Assignor, compile claims, and distribute proceeds, if any, to creditors according to the priority established. Except for the relationship created by the ABC, Strong Arm Technologies, Inc.  and Assignee have no corporate affiliations to each other.

This landing page which includes links to relevant documents below and an electronic claim form is a service provided by Creditors may file or amend claims prior to the bar date (deadline to file a claim) using the electronic form below, however, it should be noted that making a claim does not guarantee a distribution from Assignee.